Mixer wagon


With the HIMEL feed mixer wagon, you can produce high-quality performance feed yourself in no time at all.

Every HIMEL mixer wagon brings you considerable savings and a significant increase in the quality of your farm produce,


  • with the HIMEL feed mixer wagon, just one worker can remove, mix, transport and portion large quantities of feed in the shortest possible time - with minimal feed losses
  • larger proportions of silage, hay and straw can be added in the HIMEL feed mixer wagon, which, together with mineral feed, crushed grain and meal, form a homogeneous mixture that is eaten completely by the animals without any leftovers; by using a HIMEL feed mixer wagon, your animals are proven to consume more per unit and day (up to 3 kg)
  • and because even nutrient-rich pulp, stillage or molasses can be thoroughly mixed in with the HIMEL feed mixer wagon and supposed "waste products" such as fruit pulp, beet leaves, husks, maize stalks etc. can be fed in a nutritionally sensible way


With a HIMEL feed mixer wagon, you optimally utilise all the advantages of a good idea.

HIMEL feed mixers meet the highest demands in terms of performance, service life, reliability and cost-effectiveness,


  • HIMEL feed mixer wagons have design features such as PTO drive, stable hydraulic drive, large gearboxes, additional frame for weighing when lowered (HX series) and with hydraulic support leg on request
  • The HIMEL high-performance milling machine with over 70 knives cuts quickly and cleanly
  • HIMEL technology combines solid German engineering with modern high-tech
  • HIMEL feed mixers, like all HIMEL specialised equipment for agriculture, are developed by qualified specialists using the most modern methods and tested under the toughest practical conditions
  • The HIMEL system design offers cost-effective and customised solutions for every farm. From robust feed mixer wagons (two- or three-auger system) to self-propelled milling mixer wagons with computer-controlled weighing technology

Since the 1980s, HIMEL has been one of the first manufacturers on the German market to produce and supply horizontal feed mixer wagons. In the following years, the programme was continuously expanded to include trailed vertical mixer wagons and self-propelled feed mixer wagons with milling cutters. In the 1990s, HIMEL was the only manufacturer on the German market to supply the first self-propelled feed mixer wagon based on a lorry.

Today, HIMEL offers its customers a total of eight different feed mixer wagon series from 6 m³ to 46 m³ capacity and extensive equipment variants.

HIMEL feed mixer wagons HX and H

With the HX and H series, customers can choose from ten attached models with a horizontal mixing system. Optionally with or without discharge cutter. Mixing hopper sizes from 6 m³ to 15 m³ and discharge on one or both sides offer the right vehicle for every size of operation. The HIMEL agitator blade cutting system guarantees an exact and homogeneous mixture (DLG-tested).

As a special feature, the HX series can be lowered over the axle using two large hydraulic cylinders. Three levelling rods connect the chassis frame to the mixing hopper. This means that the weight can also be determined precisely during the milling process.

HIMEL feed mixer wagons V and VV

The V / VV series is produced as a vertically suspended feed mixer wagon. Hopper sizes from 7 m³ to 15 m³ with one or two mixing augers are available.

For larger farms with high feed volumes, the V / VV series is manufactured with a reinforced trough floor and side walls. Access steps with control platform, two-stage change gearbox and own oil supply are part of the basic equipment. The hopper sizes from 10 m³ to 46 m³ are produced with one to three mixing augers.

The motorised feed mixer wagons

The SFV / SFVV and SFVV Primus series of motorised feed mixers are available in hopper sizes from 13 m³ to 32 m³. Continuously variable drive up to 40 km/h, comfortable driver's cabs and many equipment variants leave nothing to be desired.

The high-performance 2.0-metre cutter, a choice of Iveco or John Deere main drives from 126 hp to 246 hp, several discharge variants via chute, chain or belt enable optimum adaptation to every customer requirement. The drive unit is installed at the front to save space (SFV / SFVV series) or very easily accessible at the rear of the vehicle (SFVV Primus series).


With the HIMEL S-Class, HIMEL is the only manufacturer to offer its customers a feed mixer wagon with a lorry chassis, optionally with or without a tiller and a travel speed of up to 80 km/h. Hopper sizes are available from 10 m³ to 16 m³. Feed communities, long distances, inclines - these are all application scenarios in which the lorry drive makes daily use significantly easier and faster. At the silo and in the barn, the switchable HIMEL hydrostatic drive enables very precise manoeuvring.