Storage systems

HIMEL Storage Systems
You should not leave the correct storage of grain to chance!

HIMEL storage systems give bad weather and pests - whether mould, insects or mice - no chance ! 
They make optimal use of the space and maintain the quality of the grain or flour over long periods of time due to their design and the materials used. In order to be able to work even faster and more effectively, HIMEL supplements these systems with the powerful screw conveyors, grain blowers, cleaners, redlers and elevators with capacities of up to 250 to/h.

HIMEL supplies the right solution for every application.

HIMEL Round silos
are suitable for indoor installation. They are made of galvanised corrugated sheets and are the most cost-effective silo type for the gentle storage of grain and pulses.

HIMEL UV fabric silos
are ideal for storing concentrated feed for all types of feeding (capacity from 2 to 26 m3). The breathable fabric guaranteesRectangular silos…
make almost complete use of the storage space and are the solution to all space problems. Compared to round silos, they offer up to 35% more volume and can be flexibly adapted to room height and floor plan.

HIMEL modular silos
For the storage of grain or other floury goods with 45° or 60° discharge funnel. Can be used as a small component silo or as a large storage silo with capacities from 0.3 m3 to 67m3.

HIMEL outdoor silos
Highest quality and best functionality. HIMEL outdoor silos are available in all common sizes to always find the ideal solution for your operation. Highest steel quality gives our outdoor silos the necessary stability and long service life.
HIMEL supplies outdoor silos as individual items or as complete systems. The programme includes all products from the grain silo to the loading equipment.

  • Short assembly times
  • Simple assembly, the favourable solution
  • Silo diameters from Ø1.85 m - Ø30.00 m and silo heights up to 27 m
  • Robust construction in system design
  • Static calculations according to DIN
  • Computer-aided 3D CAD planning

are used for the outdoor storage of mixed feed. They are completely welded at the hopper transition and at the lid and are therefore absolutely watertight. Many accessories round off the range.