Stationary bale shredder

HIMEL stationary bale shredders
are particularly suitable for round and square bales of straw, hay, alfalfa & miscanthus.

The bale breaker mills the bale through a cutting rotor. Two separately driven chain scraper floors rotate the bale and ensure even material removal. The stationary bale breaker breaks up round or square bales in such a way that the straw is fed to one or two straw mills, depending on the model. With the stationary straw mill unit, you can do in a single pass what previously had to be done manually in several steps. Everything is compact in one unit, without compromising the quality of the opened straw. Just as you know it from the HIMEL straw mill. The bale breaker can be converted into a bale mill with a sieve basket, giving the broken straw a predefined length.
On request, the stationary bale shredder can be extended with a motorised feed table. It is driven at the touch of a button, by remote control or automatically via a light barrier.
Processing of round and square bales up to Ø1.8m

  • Dimensions (m): approx. 2.92/ 1.84/ 2.35 (L/W/H)
  • Weight approx. 2.5 to.
  • Hourly output approx. 1000- 2000 kg/h
  • Energy consumption approx. 20kW/h