Weighing computers

HIMEL Weighing computer WDC
...or weighing electronics are the most trustworthy feed masters an entrepreneur could wish for.
Once programmed, they mix completely independently up to 40 mixtures from up to 30 components.

  • HIMEL weighing computers ensure best performance feed with most economical use of feed and energy
  • HIMEL weighing computers give exact commands in fractions of a second
  • All operations are documented and controlled by the computer in real time
  • Freely programmable
  • With real-time clock for automatic start (night power) and power failure-proof data memory (rechargeable battery)
  • Automatic overrun correction
  • Spare component control
  • Programmable in % or kg
  • Consumption and price balancing, control
  • Extensive operational and statistical function
  • Weekly work programme
  • Steel case
  • With control unit 16 relays for 16 motors (expandable to 48 relays)

Weighing computer with process visualisation

HIMEL Weighing computer WDC64

  • 4-row digital LED display
  • WDC64 Master with 32 relays and manual switch with LEDs
  • WDC64 Slave with 16 relays only in combination with WDC 64 Master
  • Customised weighing and process control for HIMEL grinding & mixing systems
  • On request with visualisation via a screen
  • Incl. software for Windows PC
  • PC connection via USB
  • Programming, operating and statistical functions via Windows PC or tablet

The management software of the WDC64.

  • Management of up to 64 components:
    With component data, component settings, consumption / stock and delivery quantity management
  • Management of 64 recipes with 24 components each
  • Management of up to 32 destinations
  • Weekly planning
  • 4 individual start times per day
  • 16 starting places per starting time
  • Batch and component quantity calculations of weekly planning
  • Detailed statistical data and management
  • Manual start trigger functions
  • Data backup options to Windows PC or a storage medium e.g. USB stick
  • Special functions 
    - Tare scales from Windows PC 
    - Synchronisation WDC <-> PC 
    - Synchronise time/date

Process visualisation:

  • Full overview of the status of the complete grinding and mixing plant
  • Visualisation of the current process steps, e.g. weight values
  • Process intervention options Stop (pause), cancel, alarms Options for extensions on request
  • Process extensions WDC64 Plus enables simultaneous or parallel processes
  • WDC64 Master allows connection of additional 5 weighing processes
  • WDC64 Slave (connects to WDC64 Master)

Additions of more motors:

  • Control unit 16 relays with manual switch for 16 engines (upgrade 16-32)
  • Input card for level indicator

Communication options:

  • Communication interface for connecting the WDC64 to a computer network.
  • WLAN communication interface for wireless connection to a computer network
  • Interface & web service for remote control via internet
  • Windows minicomputer fanless and 24 inch full HD screen